Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new marketing technique that is absolutely necessary for businesses who wish to start or continue growing. This technique uses specific tools and strategies that will help your website achieve higher rankings in search engine listings. This will direct more traffic to your website and more revenue to your business.

At Big Little Biz we don’t just slap together a mediocre site that nobody will find on Google. We build fantastic websites with strong branding that achieve strong rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.  Give us a shot and we will show you results within days not weeks, months or years. Guaranteed.

Our services don’t stop at simply building a strong ranking website. Our goal is to help you understand what we are doing and give you an idea of how we do it. We want to make your business as busy as possible by maintaining high Google Places rankings, using Twitter, Flickr, PayPal, Freshbooks and more.

Our secret sauce is confidential but most of the work we do is considered common knowledge for most decent SEO specialists. We are happy to keep to share this our customers in effort to keep them fully informed of what we are working on.  Call us today for a free consultation.