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Are you a small or home based business located in Canada looking to take your sales to the next level?

Big Little Biz marketing for small businesses in Victoria. How Can Online Marketing Help Me?
Most small or home based businesses are missing out on 95% of the new potential business in their area. Newspaper advertisement is losing value by the day while big marketing firms cost way too much for the average business owner. Luckily Google plays a very large part in online advertising and they understand that 60% of the businesses in North America are that of the small nature. What we have discovered is that if a small business plays their cards right, does their homework and follows the proper procedures, they can not only compete vs. large corporations but they can even dominate them locally. Long answer short, yes online marketing can help you beyond your wildest imagination.

Is it expensive to market my small business online?

Some small business marketing firms charge an arm and a leg just to get you started and never promise or guarantee any results. Everyone has heard the horror stories about someone wanting start their own online business only to get hustled out of their hard earned cash. You will not find that here. With Big Little Biz you only pay for results and we guarantee that. Our startup is less than the cost of a newspaper advertisement and again, you don’t have to pay until you see results.