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BigLittleBiz is a full-service social media management and marketing agency specializing in local small business PR. We work one-on-one with small to medium business clients based in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and Gatineau to develop and execute influential social media marketing programs. BigLittleBiz is best suited for catering to the needs of locally based hospitality, construction, entertainment, fashion and service industries. Entrepreneurs, mom and pop shops, family business, neighborhood doctors, lawyers, start-ups and local hot spots are where we excel.


Do you hesitate to go all in on social media because it feels like a big job without a proven return on investment (ROI)?


Have you historically relied on word of mouth for advertising?


What if I told you that not only can we can we put an ROI number on your project but to top it off, we can also increase your word of mouth advertising while adding an immeasurable amount of value to your brand? It takes hard work and consistency but once we get the ball rolling great customers will find your business. They will start to comment, like, love, message and call and we have no doubt that social media and digital marketing will quickly become the strongest piece of your marketing plan.


Come join us as we look behind the curtain of your industry so we can better understand the mechanics of how and why social media marketing will work for you and how we can out perform even the biggest businesses in your community.

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Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Albert Einstein

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“Saying hello doesn’t have an ROI. It’s about building relationships.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Social Media for Small Business

Let’s face it. Competing against medium and large corporations means you are one of the millions of online small business underdogs. Think of us as the number crunching nerd of social media, your business is the Oakland A’s and we are competing against the virtual world Yankees. Using an approach to building your social media strategy similar to that of Moneyball, we’ll turn your business into an online champion that not only competes with the big dogs, but wins.


Every action we take, every post we schedule, every like we get, every question we answer and every positive review we earn is a base hit that brings you one step closer to achieving that next sale. Our goal isn’t to get 10,000 global followers from Bangladesh, England, Japan, Brazil or Timbuktu. Our goal is to help your business earn thousands of local, loyal and relevant followers that look forward supporting small local businesses just like yours.


In a 6000 person survey conducted by Yodle in 2015, researchers found that the vast majority of consumers want to buy local and support small business. Given the choice, they will chose the local tech savvy business as long as it offers competitive prices and customer service that cares. By answering Facebook questions in a timely fashion, commenting on Instagram posts, showcasing your works on Pinterest and creating relationships with the social influencers from your area on Twitter, we can make your business appear to be more tech savvy and community oriented while offering customer service that big business simply can not replicate.

Let's connect and build.

Marketing & Management Services

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.

Red Adair

Strategically designed WordPress websites that look equally great on all platforms and are built with latest and greatest in search engine optimization in mind.

Get higher rankings with the best white hat practices including Google.

Get ranked higher on local maps through Google.

Increase brand awareness and earn quality followers with our social media management packages.

Want instant results? Let us manage a strategic pay per click ad campaign through Facebook, Instagram, Google and more!

We provide professional creative content for your website or social media pages that is captivating, original and fully search engine optimized.

We build and acquire E-Mail databases then manage campaigns that support your ongoing marketing strategies.

Direct mail marketing is proven to be up to 100% more effective when combined with a professional online and social media campaign. We design and implement professional direct marketing campaigns that are proven to work, especially for locally based business.

Social Media Management & Marketing Prices

Social Media Ad Management

From $359 per month includes

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Guaranteed Social Growth
  • Guaranteed Increased Web Traffic
  • Guaranteed Social Reach
  • ROI Analytics Reports

Social Media Management

From $499 per month includes

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Expertly crafted posts
  • Guaranteed Customer Interaction
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • ROI Analytics Reports

SEO + SM + Ad Management

From $899 per month includes

  • Social Media + SEO Strategy
  • Guaranteed Social Growth
  • Guaranteed Increased Web Traffic
  • Guaranteed Web Ranking Increase
  • Complete Monthly Analytics Reports

“Don’t optimize for conversions; optimize for revenue.”

-Neil Patel